BGL employees raise money for Zambia
Since 2014, two BGL employees have been fundraising to pay for the training of a teacher to support the education of children in Zambia.
BGL Group’s first international project in partnership with Build It International was back in 2014. Every year since then, BGL Group has sent between 15-20 employees out to Zambia to see the great work that the Group is funding out there and meet the people whose lives are being changed. Holli Posnett and Nathan Still were two of eighteen employees who were lucky enough to head out on the first trip to Zambia where the Group funded a much-needed school in Kabaka. Whilst on their trip they met volunteer teacher Benson, who was an unqualified teacher giving the local children support with their education. 

Nathan and Holli came away from Zambia feeling that there was more that could be done to help Benson and the children he was teaching. Nathan and Holli decided that together they were going to fundraise to support the education and training qualification for Benson. Nathan did this by setting himself a challenge of running at least three miles a day, every day for a whole year meanwhile Holli set up a tuck shop in the office. 

Three years on, not only has Benson got his high school diploma and passed his University entrance exams, he has now qualified for his second year of training. In recent exams Benson obtained seven distinctions and a merit. His tutor has been really impressed with his dedication and commitment to the course and teaching in general. 

Anne-Marie Coe, Associate Director - CSR, BGL Group commented: ““Well done to Nathan and Holli, it’s great to see the continuing story of the impact of our international projects. We’re working with Build It International to plan future projects and there is plenty more potential for us to help improve the lives of the children and communities in the years to come. In the meantime thanks to everyone who is supporting this year’s Zambia team with their fundraising for Linda School in Lusaka, where we’re building a science block to enable the children to progress in science and technology.” 

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