BGL Group supports Riding for the Disabled

Our Wakefield Community Team recently donated £1,000 to local charity Riding for the Disabled.

Our Wakefield Community Team recently donated £1,000 to local charity Riding for the Disabled. RDA provides therapeutic horse riding lessons for people with disabilities, helping to improve their general health and wellbeing. Riders range from small children all the way to adults, and the charity supports people with a wide range of physical, mental, behavioural and learning difficulties.

The charity is currently raising £10,000 to resurface and make improvement to the outdoor arena at the Wakefield RDA centre, and BGL’s donation will help to improve the quality of riders’ sessions. Currently, certain areas of the arena are so uneven that they are unusable, as riders with poor balance do not feel safe if ponies trip on uneven ground.

One of the popular methods RDA uses to help children with physical disabilities, making it more of a treat rather than general physio, is pony riding. The walking movement of a pony imitates the movement of the child’s pelvis when they walk. RDA uses this method of treatment as it not only gives children the opportunity to have fun whilst receiving treatment, the motion it creates helps to normalise muscle tone.

BGL’s Helen Armstrong, part of the Wakefield Community Team said of the donation “We’re thrilled to be helping out this amazing charity. I think combining two things such as physiotherapy and riding is a fantastic and unique way for people with disabilities to enjoy physiotherapy. Riding for the Disabled are a great charity and we are more than happy to be supporting them create a safe and welcoming environment for their riders!”

“We are currently fundraising to make improvements to the site in spring next year,” said Carolyn Brown from Riding for the Disabled.

“We have a beautiful site with the most picturesque views, but at the moment when it rains we have severe flooding and when it dries, we are left with sand too deep to ride on. We are truly grateful to BGL for their donation as it will not only help us renovate the site, it will allow us to increase the amount of lessons and therapeutic care we provide.”

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