Pete Earl

2016 Outstanding Contribution Awards Ball Winner

This award recognises someone who has truly lived our values, not during a project or an awards period, but over a lifetime of dedication and commitment. 

Pete Earl joined BGL in 1993, and over the past 23 years has held 15 different jobs, across every part of the Group and a diverse range of disciplines, and is always ready for a new challenge.

Beginning his BGL career as a Sales Manager at Fusion, Pete stood out by combining commercial delivery with a genuine support for his team; a trait he has brought to all of his roles, building some deep friendships along the way. 

After Fusion he moved to Group Functions, then became Senior Marketing and Commercial Manager in Frontline, before moving into Business Development at Junction, where a colleague described him as "without doubt the finest Bid Manager I have worked with".

In January 2015 he jumped at the opportunity to head up Operations at Hoyhoy. Approaching this with his customary wholehearted spirit, he made such an impact on the business in a short space of time, that the team there nominated him for a BGL Award and he became a finalist in the 'Ambitious' category.

Never one to do things by halves, he also made the trip to Laos last year, transforming lives by providing fresh water for the community. He returned to the UK this year and took up a new role as Head of Product for Energy and Utilities at ​

In all his adventures at BGL, this person has embodied our values to the hilt: his energy and drive, his openness to new ideas and experiences, his integrity and his unfailing team spirit.


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