Restless is good

Looking for what’s new is our passion

The way we work

Our business has been built on being different from the norm. We started out as the only UK underwriter issuing monthly policies. We have been pushing at the boundaries of what’s possible ever since.

It’s that focus on the next big thing that makes BGL a unique place to work – here, standing still is never an option. Encouraging people to challenge themselves and the status quo is what drives our growth.

That shared vision to innovate and deliver great results makes for strong team spirit, and not just in your own department. We actively encourage people to interact, meet new colleagues and share ideas, and empower people to make a difference.

What we look for

We like our employee to flourish when they join us. To succeed here you need to be open minded – don’t assume that ideas and approaches that have worked in your other roles will be a success here. We also like to question ourselves and challenge how things are done, and you should be ready for that! It also helps if you like accountability and are committed to driving success. But most of all we like those that communicate honestly and help build great team spirit.

Working environment

We have modern office environments at all our sites with outdoor spaces for meals and meetings on sunny days, and we are introducing new ‘Agile Workspaces’. We also have subsidised restaurants and coffee shops, and a gym for employees that’s easy on the wallet!

Having fun

We take our work seriously at BGL. But we also make the most of every opportunity to have fun. Our Awards Ball is a major highlight of the calendar, and a family fun day in the summer extends the enjoyment to our employees’ invited guests, be they young or old. In recent years, we’ve also got involved in everything from charity quizzes to space hopper races, from snowball fighting at the HR conference to indulging in a giant 20th birthday BGL cake. Fundraising is a big source of fun for us – you can expect to take part in our Charity Dragon Boat Tournament or even a Human Dog Race at the greyhound track.

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