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We are looking for experienced Data Scientists and Pricing specialists to join our Life Insurance division. In these two new roles, you will lead analytical teams to drive our Pricing and Data Strategies for Life Insurance. You will explore, experiment with, and ultimately apply new pricing and data science tools and techniques to drive commercial value, and develop new analytical approaches from concept to production.

You will be joining an environment where creative and disruptive thinking is encouraged, to find that new analytical approach which will deliver even more powerful outcomes. You will join a team of highly-skilled, ambitious and motivated experts who work collaboratively to deliver impactful analysis and models, solve complex business problems and identify commercial opportunities.

You will be line-managing 2-3 analysts and data scientists to drive analytical capability of BGL Life Insurance, building predictive and machine-learning models to support all our business areas: Pricing, Product, Underwriting, Marketing, Distribution, UX.

Previous experience and attributes:

  • Analytical experience in a commercial and/or R&D environment.
  • Proficient in a range of languages (e.g. Python, R, SQL, etc) and analytical tools and packages (e.g. TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, etc)
  • Familiarity with statistical models (e.g. GLMs, regression), machine learning approaches (e.g. xgboost, ANNs), and clustering methods. Experience turning these analytical solutions into actionable, value-adding business propositions.
  • Confident, self-motivated, with very strong communication skills. Ability to convey sophisticated analysis and complex business proposals to a diverse audience.
  • Exceptionally resilient, and possess a ‘fail fast’, experimental approach – ability to learn from past experience and motivated to grow, adapt, and drive value in a fast-paced, commercial environment.
  • Ambitious and driven by very high-standards, quality-conscious, and motivated to make a difference.

Why BGL Life?

At BGL Life we like to be different – we’ve sold life insurance products and services unique to the market since 2012. We continue to change the narrative of life insurance to be less complex and replaced it with simplicity, speed and value, allowing our customers to obtain a quote in just 60 seconds and be covered in as little as 10 minutes! Our pricing, data and digital capabilities are something to be proud of, and we recognise there’s still a  lot more to be done! We’re a unique business division with a start-up feel, operating within an established fintech organisation with clear goals to disrupt the markets where we operate.

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