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Our Values

Our values, which are shown below, underpin everything we do at the BGL Group. Through the use of questionnaires, our employees were closely involved in the development of our values, which now define our culture and are a core part of the DNA of our organisation. They also help to create an identity for the Group, a sense of belonging and ensure it's a great place for our employees to work.

…Just be creative

Anyone can have a good idea and the simplest are the best. The trick is to think differently, push the boundaries and turn the best ideas into reality.

…Just be encouraging

You feel much more positive when someone tells you that you've done a good job. We value and reward high performance. It's important that we support and recognise this.

…Just be someone who makes a difference

The most satisfying thing is being able to look back on something you've done and feel good about your contribution. Seeing the bigger picture, without losing sight of the detail, is key to our success.

…Just care for the customer

Consider, deliver and protect what is important for the customer.

…Just be genuine

Transparency and trust are pre-requisites of success, so it's important to be authentic. If you treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself - openly, honestly and with courtesy - you'll never go wrong.

…Just be united

It's amazing how much stronger and more effective a bunch of people can be if they all work together using their unique qualities and talents.

…Just be happy

Enjoying what we do and having fun doing it is very much in the spirit of the BGL Group.


We regularly reward our employees for going the extra mile and displaying the values in their work. Achievement is celebrated throughout the year, with overall awards being presented to employees annually at a prestigious Awards Ball. The Awards Ball, which is regularly attended by more than 700 BGL employees, gives us the opportunity to thank and recognise our people for the valuable contribution they have made to our business, and our customers.